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If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. In this example we assume that you are in a rails project using Bundler, which would automatically require transitions. If this is not the case then you have to add.

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You can only use one state machine per model. While in theory you can define two or more, this won't work as you would expect. Not supporting this was intentional, if you're interested in the rational look up version 0. Use symbols, not strings for declaring the state machine.

Using strings is not supported as is using whitespace in names because transitions possibly generates methods out of this. When you declare an event, say discontinue , three methods are declared for you: discontinue , discontinue!

The first two events will modify the state attribute on successful transition, but only the bang! The callback sequence would look like this:. If you want to trigger a method call when the object enters or exits a state regardless of the transition that made that happen, use enter and exit. If you want the method to only be called if the transition is successful, then use another approach. If you want the method to only be called after a successful transition to a new state including persistence, use the success argument to an event instead.


This callback is executed after the exit callback of the former state if it has been defined but before the enter callback of the new state and only if the guard check succeeds. There is no check if the callback itself succeeds meaning that transitions does not evaluate its return value somewhere.

In case you need to trigger a method call after a successful transition you can use success. This will be called after the save! In addition to just specify the method name on the record as a symbol you can pass a lambda to perfom some more complex success callbacks:. This will crash because transitions uses an Event class as well, and, since the scope has changed when transitions calls this method, transitions will use it's own Event class here, not yours.

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In this case you can try to prefix your models with the "::" operator and see if that solves your problems. Each event definition takes an optional guard argument, which acts as a predicate for the transition. Note that guards will not raise on failure on their own. This means that if you want to treat the failure of a guard exceptional you'll need to raise an exception yourself explicitly in that guard see here for the corresponding discussion. If you'd like to note the time of a state change, Transitions comes with timestamps free!

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