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'The Protector's Season 2 Cliffhanger Pretty Much Confirms It's Coming Back

And it looks like they've succeeded on that front. In late October, Deadline reported that the streaming giant had greenlit a show called Ottoman Rising.

Although no release date has yet been announced, per Deadline , it proves that Netflix has a vested interest in Turkish storytelling. And although no release date has been announced for The Protector Season 2, viewers can rest assured that it's on its way.

So even if Season 1 has a cliffhanger or unsatisfying ending, you can breathe easy knowing there will be more to come. The series has been praised very highly online by many subscribers. Suffice to say the second season is in demand!


Netflix has just dropped its first Turkish TV series

Just finished TheProtector season1! Wow, what an ending! Happy that our trio are all alive for next season!

Actually, very good, compared with other heroes focused series. Because this time the hero is more vulnerable, more human, hence more credible. Well done, Netflix! I want season 2.

'The Protector' Season 3? The Latest on the Netflix Turkish Original

And this says a lot. The Protector season 2 releases on April 26th, !

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The surprise announcement was made by the cast, which Netflix recorded a video for. Here are all the details we know on The Protector season three so far and whether or not it will be released on Netflix. The entire second season of the hit Turkish fantasy drama dropped on Netflix on Friday April As of yet, The Protector season three has not yet been confirmed by Netflix but there is still plenty of time for the news to be announced.

Will there be another series of The Protector on Netflix?

The streaming service released eight episodes of the fantasy series with many fans binging the whole season. Thanks to a thrilling finale, there are plenty who will be eagerly awaiting the news of another outing.