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In other Diaspora communities, they are about 70 percent in Russia and the Ukraine, 50 percent in France, 40 percent in the United Kingdom, and above 30 percent in Canada and Australia. By contrast, the Jewish fertility rate in Israel is 2. In Israel, the Jewish population is projected to increase from 4. Based on these facts, many Jews believe that one of the critical challenges today is the issue of Jewish survival in the Diaspora.

They argue that the low Jewish birth rate, along with high rates of intermarriage and assimilation, pose a grave danger to the Jewish people. This is the central thesis of a reference work: Jewish Population: Renascence or Oblivion , edited by Judith Zimmerman and Barbara Trainin, which is a record of the proceedings of a conference on Jewish population in , sponsored by the Commission on Synagogue Relations of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York.

To sound an alarm and alert the Jewish community that the Jewish population is declining. We are practicing negative population growth, i. This phenomenon, coupled with increased assimilation and mixed marriages, threatens Jewish survival. To determine whether the Jewish community can, in the words of Dr. Steven M. Cohen who presented a paper at the conference , "effectively intervene to minimize population losses.

Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained

A Time magazine article, "The Disappearing Jews," reports that Orthodox Rabbi Norman Lamm-- president of Yeshiva University--recommends that "each Jewish couple should have four or five children because Jews are a disappearing species. In June , the Reform Movement's Central Conference of American Rabbis, a group that generally adopts liberal stands, urged Jewish couples "to have at least two or three children. Hence increasing the number of Jewish children might well increase the general level of accomplishment in the world. It is also important that Judaism survive because the world badly needs the Jewish messages of peace, justice, and righteousness.

Rabbi David M. Feldman argues that "Jews have the paradoxical right to work for the cause of population control while regarding themselves as an exception to the rule. Some advocates of maintaining or increasing the Jewish population have attacked the premises of the zero population growth movement. But these critics have often ignored the facts that millions are dying annually due to hunger and its effects, that half the world's people suffer from poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, and disease, and that the world's ecosystems are being increasingly threatened.

They also put great faith in technology as a solution to global problems, not taking into account that many of today's problems have been caused or worsened by the misuse of technology over many years.

God's Babies

These groups may be replenishing Jewish population, matching losses among the rest of the Jewish population. This possibility is supported by the fact that in Israel, 10 percent of the families produce 40 percent of the children. There was a record enrollment in , with , students enrolled in about Jewish day schools throughout the U.

There are currently more yeshivas and yeshiva students in Israel than in any time or place in Jewish history. These people generally bring a renewed dedication and involvement to Judaism.

New Reform prayerbooks contain more Hebrew and increasingly engage concepts such as mitzvot. In recent decades, the Reform movement has affirmed Jewish peoplehood, encouraged aliyah moving to Israel , and asserted that Jews have a stake and responsibility in building the state of Israel. Many young Jews are having serious encounters with Judaism on college campuses.

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Hebrew literature and Jewish scholarship are flourishing in Israel. Thus in many ways, as a counter to the assimilation of many Jews, there has been a marked improvement in the quality and intensity of Jewish life in the last generation. It should be pointed out that there have been many false prophecies of Jewish disappearance in the past.

The late Professor Simon Rawidowicz pointed out that Jews are "the ever-dying people," with each generation since early in Jewish history believing that it might be the last one. In spite of Judaism's strong emphasis on procreation, there are justifications in Jewish sacred writings for aspects of the zero population growth philosophy:. While in Egypt, Joseph had two sons during the seven years of plenty, but no additional children during the seven years of famine. The renowned Biblical commentator Rashi interprets this to mean that when there is widespread hunger, one should not bring additional children into the world.

According to the Talmud, Noah was commanded to desist from procreation on the ark, since it contained only enough provisions for those who entered the ark.

Was there really a great flood?

It can be argued that when Adam and later Noah were commanded to "Be fruitful and multiply", the earth was far emptier than it is today. Now that the earth is "overfilled", as indicated by the poverty, malnutrition, and squalor faced by so many of the world's people, perhaps Jewish tradition should come to a new understanding of this commandment. There would thus seem to be some rationale for Jews to advocate some version of zero population growth. But we should look more deeply into the problem.

Are current crises due primarily to too many people or are there other, more important causes? Affluent nations have an impact on the environment extremely disproportionate to their populations. The United States, with about four-and-a half percent of the world's population consumes 30 percent of the world's natural resource base, using 20 percent of the planet's metals, 24 percent of its energy the highest per capita consumption in the world , and 25 percent of its fossil fuels.

This means that the U.

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Biblical human population growth model -

Most people connect current widespread hunger and resource scarcities in the world today to overpopulation. Yet, numerous studies have concluded that there is currently enough food in the world to feed all the world's people adequately: the problem lies in waste, injustice and inequitable distribution. Poverty, injustice, and inequality also contribute to continued population growth. Book lovers can be frustrated, but they also have to understand the constraints of filmmaking. But Noah is different.

So when Darren Aronofsky decided to make Noah a bit differently than the Bible would dictate, for the devout it could be like changing the way the Revolutionary War happened. And here in lies the problem—a disclaimer is unreasonable for a story that likely never happened. Noah , now with a disclaimer, is in an odd position.

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Most movies implying they were based on true events…have true events to base a script on. Noah does not for a number of reasons. However, I do think that this particular marketing plan does advance the wrong ideas about what we know in a number of scientific disciplines. So, I will proceed. First and maybe most obviously, Noah would be long dead by the time God flooded the Earth. No human has ever lived this long, and likely never will based on the biological constraints of aging.

Next, the Ark would never survive the newly formed seas. Basically a gigantic wooden box, the Ark was supposedly made out of gopher wood—a terrible material for building larger vessels there is a reason we use materials like steel. It would break apart likely from just the distribution of animals inside it or anything other than completely calm waters.

Then there are the animals. Where did they come from? If the Earth was created in its present form, then a great number of animals had to swim from separate continents to somewhere in ancient Mesopotamia—not a small task for almost , species of beetles. And how many animals were there?

One Big Family. The Creation Answers Book. Phillip P.

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