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In addition, Elizabeth educates parents on how children of all ages can engage adaptively with the technological world. Elizabeth's research focuses on the ways in which interactive digital media is transforming interpersonal relationships. Her clinical approach is family centered and solution focused approach.

Problem-solving strategies and communication techniques with parents and children exhibiting disruptive behavior, anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, and addictions. Her intensive work with families and children has allowed her to develop a level of expertise around parenting and child development. Angela Stratigakis, Speech Language Pathologist. She then earned her Master of Medical Science in Clinical Communication Studies from the University of Sheffield, in England, training her to become a speech-language pathologist.

Angela works with clients from various backgrounds in English, Greek and French. She enjoys working in a clinic setting because of the naturalistic, focused and consistent nature of the intervention, which demonstrates how goals can develop over time, and progress can be achieved with the right support. Upon completion of her degree, she worked at The Montreal Fluency Center.

She then joined the multidisciplinary team at Agoo in November Her role at the center includes providing assessments and treatment to preschool and school-aged children with various speech and language difficulties. Particular areas of interest include early language development expression and comprehension , articulation, emergent literacy, and stuttering.

Stefanie Cortina, M. I have a special interest in communication disorders that affect the pediatric population.

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I have a Master of Health Science in Speech-Language Pathology degree from the University of Toronto, and have had the opportunity of working with toddlers, pre-school, elementary and high-school students with a wide range of speech, language, and swallowing disorders in various settings e. I have developed a true appreciation for the value of communication and strive to provide individuals with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

I am fluent in English, French, and Italian, and am enthusiastic about meeting the unique needs of bilingual and multilingual individuals.

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Vanessa Moniz, Office Manager. With the goal of enhancing emotional intelligence, Elizabeth offers a specialized form of individual and group therapy by building social emotional learning skills for the 21st century. Her clientele consists of children and teens with social-emotional difficulties, anxiety, ADHD, language impairments,.

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She is the founding medical director of a pediatric chronic care center in Haiti, and technical adviser for pediatric endocrinology to Partners in Health. Her clinical and research interests are diabetes and endocrine conditions in non-Caucasian populations, and chronic care delivery in resource limited settings. Please note that your child needs a referral to see the allergist.

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Please fax or email rdv agoomd. Types of testing done in our clinic:. However, the initial consultation can be done at our clinic and then your child can be put on a waitlist at the hospital for testing.


Challenge tests also need to be done in hospital. We offer skin prick testing and blood tests for allergies. Samaan for allergy testing coming up? Here is what you need to know:. For more detailed information, please click the memory-aid below:. Preetha Krishnamoorthy from the Montreal Children's Hospital. She is accepting to see patients for the following conditions:. To speak with a nurse, call For same day emergency appointments, our phone lines open at 8am everyday.

If we do not return your call by 10am then all of our emergency spots for the day have been filled. Derek da Costa, Dr. Nicole Audet and Dr. To learn more about our staff of highly trained doctors and staff, see our Meet agoo page by clicking here. Routine check-ups are strongly recommended at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months, then every year after that for general health evaluations and routine examination.

Please call us at to inquire about your child and to book your appointments! Our doctors welcome new patients from birth to 18 years:. By referral, the specialist will now be accepting new patients at her new location at agoo. Consultations are fully covered by RAMQ. Furthermore, we have the advantage of very short waiting times.

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Ask your doctor to refer you at your next visit! List of office procedures:. It is our pleasure to welcome you with referral:. Your child has an appointment with Dr. JP Capolicchio for a circumcision? These organizations work closely with agoo within their own specialization.

Children with an autism spectrum disorder ASD , developmental delays, and other related disorders often struggle when learning to speak, acquire skills, and integrate into different settings. We believe that their learning should be fun, positive, and interactive! Families could be given the gift of sleep with the help of a sleep nurse! Given her medical background and experience as a pediatric nurse, coupled with the child development and infant feeding courses she has completed, she has the Mind of a Sleep Learning Consultant, the Soul of a Pediatric Nurse, and the Heart of a Mom.

Our team of psychologists offers personalized therapy for children. Each child will have a tailored therapy plan pertaining to their specific situation and their objectives and goals for therapy. The psychologist and child will work towards achieving these objectives and goals to assure long-term well-being. We ensure the best care to our clients seeking improved outcomes with our unique, collaborative and thorough approach. Where do I seek services? Screening for behavioural, cognitive, learning and developmental delays. Empowers and enables children by providing assessment, treatment and management of communication and swallowing disorders affecting children.

Intervention with children exhibiting disruptive behaviour, anxiety, depression, stress and tantrums.

agoo - Children's Health and Wellness Center

Positive strategies are provided to the family. Enhancing social emotional learning through workshops for teachers and educators. Creates modifies and implements behaviour intervention plans for the 21st century learners. Offers offsite one-to-one or group facilitation aimed at managing and enabling positive behaviours and learning new skills for children with special needs. Questionaire English.

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Questionnaire English. Sharing a laugh bridges the gap between people. Who more to benefit from this then parents and their children. Through laughter, parents and children will get to experience joy at its purist moments. This group will end that norm and bring back the essence of bonding between parent and child. Laughter yoga was invented by Dr. Laughter Yoga is about getting the benefits of laughter without needing a reason to laugh. The Yoga is for the breathing and meditation part of the session. There will not be any demand of physical poses. Or email fss agoomd. Insults to nervous system brain, spinal cord, nerves can have long lasting effects of individual functioning and performance in daily activities leading to difficulty in participation at school, sports, poor quality of life and decreased productivity.

Neuro-physiotherapy is directed towards minimizing consequences from the damage, increase physical function and improve performance on activities. The therapy is directed at improving balance and coordination, improving fine and gross motor functions, strength and endurance training that are critical to independent function in daily life. The aim of intervention is to provide repetition of movements so as to enhance motor control and learning within an environment that is motivating yet challenging for success.

Neurodevelopmental treatment NDT is a hands-on treatment approach used by physiotherapists in management of neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, head injury, spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative conditions. NDT focuses on postural control;facilitation of optimal movement patterns in children with disordered movement control, impaired walking performancewith the goal to optimize function, improve balance and coordination and maximize independence in activities.

People following neurological insults have limited restricted movement patterns that limits smooth trajectory of arms of legs. Repeated and correct movement patterns have shown to improve motor performance. NDT is based on guided or facilitated movements while stimulating tactile, vestibular, and somatosensory receptors within the body.

NDT emphasizes on alignment, postural control, weight shifts and movement control while inhibiting untoward movement patterns and facilitating typical movement pattern eventually leading to acquisition of skill. During the first appointment, the child will undergo assessments for tone, postural control, various test to assess physical function both performance and capacity assessments for balance, walking, depending on the condition.

All assessments, goal settings and exercise program are mapped with parents and child's schedule. Clients receive a tailored therapy plan based on their assessment to help them achieve their full potential. Targeted goals and treatment plan will be periodically reassessed.

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Agoo believes in newborn screening to detect congenitial hearing loss at birth. We preform audiology screening for newborns to one year olds. When a child is experiencing a speech, language, communication or development delay, they are referred to an audiologist to rule out possible hearing loss. If a hearing loss is diagnosed, patients and families are given information and strategies to help with communication challenges, are provided with the appropriate therapy, and are referred to the right resources for treatment ENT if surgery is deemed necessary or a hearing aid specialist if hearing aid are considered.

Audiology evaluations are completed at agoo for children from three years old to adults. They have normal hearing ability, but there is a disconnect between what is heard and what is understood.