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Thieme E-Journals - Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde / Abstract

Thyroid autoantibodies per se do not impair intracytoplasmatic sperm injection outcome in euthyroid healthy women. Assistierte Reproduktion - Wege zum Wunschkind. Thyroid autoimmunity does not impair assisted reproductive technology outcome in fertile women. Geburtsh Frauenheilk ; Chin J Integr Med.

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Epub May International Academic Symposium. Desquamated epithelial cells covered with a polymicrobial biofilm typical for bacterial vaginosis are present in randomly selected cryopreserved donor semen. Epub Apr Genetic polymorphism in an inflammasome component, cervical mycoplasma detection and female infertility in women undergoing in vitro fertilization. J Reprod Immunol. Epub Jan 8. Ulrich, O. Buchweitz, R.


MH-Hannover: AG HPV-induzierte Neoplasien

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