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Q I have had a Chusan palm tree for 10 years.

NZ's bumper apple crop may be partly lost due to worker shortage

It's about 10ft high. Every year I cover it with a fleece bag but it's so high that will be very difficult to do this year. Is it hardy? A O'Brien, Kildare. A Chusan palm - or Trachycarpus fortunei - is indeed hardy. It is known as the hardy palm, one of very few true palms that are hardy. It survives well during the cold winters, not suffering at all or, in only in a minor way.

T&G apple harvest underway amid expectations of bumper NZ crop -

Unfortunately for you, it never needed to be covered against frost! Diarmuid Gavin Rays of brightly coloured cyclamens are being stacked high in the garden centres, florists and supermarkets as the retailers get ready for Christmas.

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There is a wide range of fruits that can be grown in most gardens: apples, pears and plums; gooseberries, blackcurrants, red and white currants; raspberries, loganberries, tayberries and blackberries; strawberries and blueberries. Cherries and greengages are possible too, but considerably more difficult. Peaches and grapes can be grown in a greenhouse, but are not successful outdoors, except Diarmuid Gavin Most of our gardening this season revolves around putting the garden to bed, digging out perennial weeds, mulching planted areas with organic matter, clearing leaves and protecting furniture and Many gardens have plants that show autumn colour - but, in most cases, these were not expressly planted with foliage Gerry Daly November 6 AM.

How hardy is my palm tree? Paul Williams: 'Atrocity of teen killing a child has happened here before - but was Anatomy of an affair: The real reasons why we cheat Hannah Betts: 'Me, myself and I: Are we living in the age of narcissism? Also in Life. Diarmuid Gavin: Weathering the winter How 'Operation Lasagna' saved my garden Several years ago I began obsessively making lasagna. Not the dish that is baked How to keep your lawn a cut above the rest The 'non-mowing' season is almost as long as the mowing season, there's only a month It's a recognised hobby for many people A riot of colour in your garden Many gardens have plants that show autumn colour - but, in most cases, these were not expressly planted with foliage Diarmuid Gavin: Spring into action Bulbs full of promise for the warmer seasons One of the pleasures of an Indian summer is the warmth They had Reasons why your fruit trees may fail to bloom After an exceptionally good flowering on fruit trees, it is strange that many Diarmuid Gavin: From brick walls to green hedges, a boundary defines your Yes we can.

Will that have an impact?

Thinning apple fruitlets in May

Yes it will. The then chief minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, who visited his orchard in , was impressed and asked him to get ready for PPP model with the government. And thus Mir, became the main player or supplier for the scheme. Mir in his presentation before Mufti, stated that he has merely implemented the dream that Drabu—his mentor--has seen. He said that the High Density orchard using seven Italian varieties with drip irrigation and the European style farming was the first of its kind in the Valley.

This Bamdoora orchard became the signature project of advertisement in horticulture sector for the PDP-BJP government and they would mention this in almost every political gathering attracting massive praise. The angry protestors in wake of the killing of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani and his two colleagues burnt down the orchard, which for them was the nearest and most visible symbol of the ruling PDP-BJP government.

And also cold storage charges Rs 0. Out of the total , paid for by the governments horticulture department the official record only mentions plants with plants costing around 1. And further out of this only survive with the plants dried, damaged and found less. The government thus incurred the loss of around Rs In , the invoice of another company Griba Nursery India Private Limited dated 1st of July for plants at the rate of Rs per plant, with the total amount of Rs 5. Out of , as per the official records with the ET, only survived as around were dried, damaged and found less.

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In this contract also government lost Rs 1. What Now? At Zainapora advanced Horticulture center, where the imported high density plants were quarantined and then supplied to farmers, the officials inform that there are problems at various steps. A senior scientist told us that they can tell the type only after plant grows.

T&G apple harvest underway amid expectations of bumper NZ crop

That a lay man can also do. There is problem with the MoU with the private companies, who have no accountability before or after supplying the plant material. Besides these private players, who also offer complete package including irrigation system, wiring and other facilities to set up high density orchard quote different rates for the same job. The high density scheme should not be compromised just to favor some blue eyed persons.

Huge number of high density plants, now in quarantine at Zainapora, were dried or diseased. We have to believe the tag of supplier. For now the department has given contract to supply the high density plant material and prepare the orchards to four private companies but the guidelines are still not clear and may end up hurting more farmers in next season.

At Srinagar, newly transferred director of horticulture department, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat said that he is in the process of evaluating all the schemes and would even consider reframing the MoU with private companies if needed.

go to site He claimed that all the grievances of farmers would be addressed in this season. And outside his office Dar, whose protests continue, says that if he was not given the new plants immediately, his orchard would be a useless for the whole year. Read more on Hizbul Mujahideen. Jammu and kashmir. Follow us on.

Download et app. Become a member. SC tried to create a balance between parties, says the man on whose petition locks were opened in Mail This Article.

NZ's bumper apple crop may be partly lost due to worker shortage