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Our reviewer was skeptical of this sling.

It only weighs a half-pound, and has such a slim profile: Could it really do duty for a full day of birding? Heck yes. On a hike in the Rockies she stuffed her vest into the outside mesh pocket when temperatures rose, and the inside pocket fit a bird guide, snacks, and a Vapur collapsible water bottle.

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But what really sold her on the sling was the comfort—the bag disappeared on her shoulder. And at 3. Snow and ice pose no obstacle to birding with these light, easily donned cleats. The tungsten carbide spikes are small but mighty: After three months of use during a Montana winter, they showed no significant wear. Get off the beaten path and go in search of birds on snowy winter days. These snowshoes are a breeze to put on, and remain comfortable after hours of wear.

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Birders should always have a blanket in the car, whether to wrap around them while using their vehicle as a blind, or to toast up after an outing. This blanket does quadruple duty: The inside is lined with soft DWR microfleece; the back is made of a waterproof ripstop shell that resists tears and stains; an inconspicuous opening in the middle allows you to slip it over your head and wear it as a poncho; and, last but not leaset, the reversible stuff sack has fleece on one side, so it doubles as a pillow. Birders aren't afraid of an early alarm.

This ounce tumbler keeps hot beverages hot for hours, is durable, comes in an array of colors, and fits into a vehicle cup holder. So comfortable that our reviewer might have worn it for five days straight. Look sharp and stay warm while birding in this handsome flannel shirt. There are several products made with merino wool on our list for good reason: its thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, odor-stopping, and sustainable properties.

Transitioning between a day in the woods and dinner out? No problem. Bonus: Forsake partners with Carbonfund. These cozy slipper-shoes are made with a soft, itch-free wool blend atop an anatomically contoured cork sole. Holbrook Travel partnered with Audubon to provide guided birding trips to Latin America and in the Caribbean.

The destinations are all bird hot-spots where Audubon and its international partners carry out vital conservation work, from Belize to Paraguay. For those who prefer to plan their own adventure, the Audubon International Alliances program provides suggested trip itineraries to Guatemala and Colombia, and a list of local guides for hire in the Bahamas, Belize, Guatemala, and Paraguay.

Both the liter pack and the smaller liter version come with a rain fly, so weather is no excusing for slowing down. This pack was inspired by and designed for National Geographic Explores, and it shows. Whether used as a roller or as a backpack, it has enough space to fit everything you need for a rugged long weekend away, and the durable, weatherproof Tarpaulin material holds up even in the harshest environs. Our tester tried it on Eastern Egg Rock, a small island off the coast of Maine where Atlantic Puffins nest, and it withstood rocky terrain, rain, windy seas—and guano.

So much guano. Flaunt your affinity for Audubon with this chic bottle. The ounce, borosilicate glass container does more than just make you look good—it does good by helping to keep plastic waste out of our oceans, where it poses risks to seabirds. Buying a field guide to identify birds by sight is standard operating procedure for any birder. But to really learn how to bird by ear, nothing quite beats having an extensive library of birdcalls to guide the journey.

The Macaulay Library, which is managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has more than , audio recordings for 9, bird species. The sequel to the Planet Earth series is just as spectacular as the first.

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In this diverting new memoir, Christopher Skaife regales readers with tales about caring for the famous corvids at the Tower of London. Read an excerpt here.

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No one, except maybe a fly fisher. As Pete Dunne writes in the intro of this fantastic new guide he co-authored with Kevin T. Gulls Simplified is an accessible, informative, and even humorous guide to identifying these wide-ranging, wily birds. Add an avian flair to your poker table or Spades quartet with these stunning playing cards, which are Bicycle branded and printed by USPCC.

Each card features a beautiful hand-illustrated bird. Sporting a 5. The suet feeder is easy to install, and brings a pop of color to a winter-worn yard, while the birdhouse makes a great springtime bonding activity.

Animals That Start With K: Pictures & Facts

Kids will love getting an up-close look at native birds. For more birdhouses, feeders, and accessories, visit the Audubon Marketplace. There are 10 different sessions to choose from, covering everything from field ornithology, to coastal studies, to arts and birding. Book one for a teen, a teacher, or an entire family.

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Males live four years less than the females, whose maximum longevity is about 17 years. Females with a normal body size and who have had sufficient summer nutrition can begin breeding anytime between the ages of one to three years. Island herds such as the subspecies R. Migrating reindeer can be negatively affected by parasite loads. Severely infected individuals are weak and probably have shortened lifespans, but parasite levels vary between populations. Infections create an effect known as culling : infected migrating animals are less likely to complete the migration.

During winter, reindeer travel to forested areas to forage under the snow. By spring, groups leave their winter grounds to go to the calving grounds. A reindeer can swim easily and quickly, normally at about 6. As an adaptation to their Arctic environment, they have lost their circadian rhythm.

Originally, the reindeer was found in Scandinavia , eastern Europe, Greenland , Russia, Mongolia and northern China north of the 50th latitude. In the 19th century, it was apparently still present in southern Idaho. During the late Pleistocene era, reindeer occurred as far south as Nevada and Tennessee in North America and as far south as Spain in Europe. Matthew Island. There is strong regional variation in Rangifer herd size. There are large population differences among individual herds and the size of individual herds has varied greatly since The largest of all herds in Taimyr, Russia has varied between , and 1,,; the second largest herd at the George River in Canada has varied between 28, and , While Rangifer is a widespread and numerous genus in the northern Holarctic , being present in both tundra and taiga boreal forest , [90] by , many herds had "unusually low numbers" and their winter ranges in particular were smaller than they used to be.

In November , it was reported that more than 81, reindeer in Russia had died as a result of climate change. Longer autumns leading to increased amounts of freezing rain created a few inches of ice over lichen , starving many reindeer.

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Reindeer are ruminants , having a four-chambered stomach. They have been known to eat their own fallen antlers, probably for calcium. During the Arctic summer, when there is continuous daylight , reindeer change their sleeping pattern from one synchronised with the sun to an ultradian pattern in which they sleep when they need to digest food.

A variety of predators prey heavily on reindeer, including overhunting by people in some areas, which contributes to the decline of populations. Golden eagles prey on calves and are the most prolific hunter on the calving grounds. Brown bears and polar bears prey on reindeer of all ages, but like the wolverines they are most likely to attack weaker animals, such as calves and sick reindeer, since healthy adult reindeer can usually outpace a bear. The grey wolf is the most effective natural predator of adult reindeer and sometimes takes large numbers, especially during the winter.

Some wolf packs as well as individual grizzly bears in Canada may follow and live off of a particular reindeer herd year round. Additionally, as carrion, reindeer may be scavenged opportunistically by foxes , hawks and ravens. Bloodsucking insects, such as mosquitoes Culicidae , black flies Simuliidae , and botflies and deer botflies Oestridae , specifically, the reindeer warble fly Hypoderma tarandi and the reindeer nose botfly Cephenemyia trompe , are a plague to reindeer during the summer and can cause enough stress to inhibit feeding and calving behaviours.

Gathering in large herds is another strategy that caribou use to block insects.