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The Marine Corps cannot succinctly field a unit today that meets the minimum deployment requirements mandated within MCT 1. A mountain leader is a decisionmaker, advisor, and technical expert, leads an assault climber or scout skier platoon, and is charged with training his unit to conduct mountain warfare operations. Assault Climber Course and Scout Skier Course graduates are the executers under the leadership of mountain leaders and can be formed into independent maneuver elements or distributed across the infantry battalion.

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The mission of the assault climber platoon is to enable an amphibious assault or raid by establishing fixed climbing lanes and hauling systems on an enemy beachhead deemed inaccessible by LCAC or amphibious assault vehicle. Rope skills and construction of vertical hauling lines for casualty evacuation are also a must for the MEU tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel force. The assault climber platoon rarely deploys as an actual platoon, but is instead, in reality, disaggregated across the companies of the battalion landing team on different ships in the amphibious ready group.

It takes 6 weeks to create a summer or winter mountain leader. Skills can atrophy or be lost in a matter of weeks without a requirement to sustain, refresh, and recertify technical mountaineering. Survey data suggests a mountain leader in the Operating Forces will require substantial retraining if identified to perform MCT 1.

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Up to 6 infantry battalions a year deploy to the MCMWTC for 34 days to participate in MTX, yet the Marine Corps does not identify a specific unit with the mission to execute mountain warfare operations. Similar to MEU-related certifications, an infantry unit could be graded and certified by controllers as mission capable to conduct operations directed in MCT 1. Marine Corps doctrine mandates each infantry battalion have two mountain leaders in each rifle company and two per scout sniper platoon.

Operational proponent for mountain warfare operations.

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Without designated mountain units driving innovation, the next best thing would be a requirement from the Operating Forces for a mountain warfare capability. The widely believed natural choice for this is III MEF with its existing commitments to Asia-connected operation and contingency plans. Unit deployment program battalions, the 31st MEU, and the 3d Marine Regiment would likely be the first Marine Corps units committed to a future conflict in Asia.

A requirement from the Operating Forces for new capabilities would drive innovation and training far more effectively then directives pushed down from a training command. As demonstrated by the Royal Marines, mastery of mountain skills enhances the expeditionary capabilities of any unit and adds another specialized skill set to the Marine Corps not duplicated by any another Service.

This force would be tailor-made for existing commitments but poised to react to a range of contingences across Asia. A new opportunity for training and cooperation.

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During a time of drawdown and reduced defense budgets across the alliance, the Connected Forces Initiative CFI and Smart Defense Initiative SDI will maximize training opportunities by prioritizing a common standard for critical skill sets. Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, "The copyrighted work at issue is the image that appears on http: Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.

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